The Roadducks

The Roadducks

The Roadducks were formed in January of 1976 by Jay Nedry, Bob Gaynor, and Bill ‘The Senator’ Schmidle in the band’s hometown of West Springfield, Virginia.  These 3 core individuals along with Bill Culver (Dec. 1976) have created a lasting legacy powered by 5,427 shows from the band’s hometown of West Springfield, Virginia. Along with stops in New Haven, CT (1977-79) and Virginia Beach (79-81) The Roadducks helped spawn a cultural phenomenon as defined by the times (post-Vietnam, Women’s and Civil Rights movements) that continues through to today.

The Roadducks are known for their relentless 30 year tour schedule – 2 singles – 2 albums and multiple national tours with:

  • Charlie Daniels
  • The Allman Brothers
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • The Gregg Allman Band
  • Marshall Tucker Band
  • Blackfoot
  • The Outlaws
  • Molly Hatchet
  • Black Oak Arkansas
  • Rossington-Colins Band (members of Lynyrd Skynyrd)

And A Variety Of Other National Recording Acts.

The 2015 Roadducks consists of founder Jay Nedry (drums, vocals and management); Gary Thomas (front-man, guitar, lead vocals) ; Kevin O’Brien(lead guitar, vocals); Tom Sillis (Bass, vocals)  the untimely passing of co-founder Bob ‘The Bopper’ Gaynor in May of 2014 was devastating to all of us who knew him and had the pleasure of enjoying his limitless talents and dynamic vocals. Bill ‘The Senator’ Schmidle is alive and quite well and playing guitar in Florida. Phil McCormack is still fronting Molly Hatchet and lives in Jacksonville. Dave Thorne is still leading a double life as Orville P. Fodderhead, noted computer genius, while still residing on the Golf Course in West Springfield. After conversations with Senator, Phil, Dave, and Bill Culver, and others, I have have decided to carry on with the tradition of the Roadducks. We have collectively played 5389 shows since March of 1976, in 31 States, while touring with some of the greatest names in the history of Rock. I have just taken over the web site and will continue to add info and data as my skill set develops on the computer. I will encourage pictures and stories and we will have a place for those to be added in the near future. I encourage everyone to come see the new version of the band as it is still smokin hot. We are doing some of the old songs, some R and B, and lots of timeless rock and roll. The band is still irreverent and satirical and will never take itself too damn seriously. Many thanks to all of the fabulous musicians who have played in the group, sat in, filled in, or just helped out. 39 years is a long time to something, and to continue to do it well takes a broad commitment of time, talent, and energy. The best way to reach me is email I am back in college and will finally graduate from my beloved William and Mary in the fall of 2017 and then be a professor teaching US History somewhere here in Virginia. And no, not for any reason ever, will I get back into the nightclub business. hope to see you at some local rock bar sometime soon. Keep supporting live music in the DMV area.  Jay Nedry

The band’s secret weapon is Bill Culver, soundman and vocals (since 1976), brings a fabulous dynamic with his mixing abilities and vocal harmonizing skills. Bill does local shows – road performances are done by Eddie Kaplan (1993).