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Jay Nedry 703.795.5299

First formed in 1976 by drummer JAY NEDRY, THE ROADDUCKS play in a variety of styles, but they are best known as a classic/southern rock act. Over the band’s career, they have toured with a virtual ‘who’s who’ of American rock, sharing stages with bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, .38 Special, The Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blackfoot, Foghat and others too numerous to mention. The band has a big show and a huge sound gleaned after so many years of not talking about it, but going out on the circuit and DOING IT. At the same time they have built a VERY DEDICATED following.

The current lineup includes the powerful voice of lead singer and guitarist JAY POWELL, DEXTER DUNN on lead guitar and vocals, EDMUND ALLAN BROWN on Bass guitar and vocals, JEFF BEAN on keyboards and vocals, along with founding member JAY NEDRY on drums and vocals (Jay can also be seen in the hit TV show “Paradise City” on Amazon Prime)

THE ROADDUCKS are a self-contained, fully mobile unit. The band travels complete with state of the art sound and lighting, top of the line amps, guitars, keys, and drums.

The crew is headed up by soundman Tom Petry with lighting director Aaron Jett.

Press photos

JAY POWELL - lead vocals/guitar

JAY NEDRY - drums/vocals 

JEFF BEAN - keys/vocals


DEXTER DUNN -   lead guitar/vocals




percussion / vocals

Here’s what people are saying: 

Meredith Johnstone, COO & Primary Talent Buyer - The State Theatre Falls Church, VA 

“The Roadducks are the quintessential rock and roll party band. They bring non-stop energy to every show - every song - and always have the entire room on their feet. They bring a pure unstoppable energy to every single show. It's never going to be a dull night when the Ducks are playing!” 


Mike Tramonte, General Manager - The Bayou Georgetown 

I believe that many of you would agree that the 70s were the heyday of the music scene in Georgetown.  Only a handful of bands held the title of "House Band" at The Bayou and The Roadducks were part of that elite group.  Forty-Five years later do yourself a favor and get "Ducked," you won't regret it! 


Chip Seligman, Chief Marketing Officer - James Turner Productions 

The Roadducks. Really? That’s a band? Yep. And I certainly found out just how much of a powerhouse that band was some 40-plus years ago when I walked into a venue my group OWNED (figuratively of course.. but still), who were these guys literally kicking ass, taking names and dare I say getting as rowdy a response as my group? In MY room?? The Roadducks. Relentless? Absolutely. Nearing 5800 shows performed over 47 years, throughout 34 states. The band is at it’s strongest yet. Now working as an agent and hearing accolades from patrons and venue owners alike, I’m amazed to see the cross-generational impact this group can make. The Roadducks. Relevant? Still? Well, in the words of one of my favorite drummers, “Don’t say yeah, say HELL YEAH!!!!” 


Jerry Sales, owner Backseat Concert Hall - Winchester VA 

Legacy, personality, stage show, fabulous music with jaw dropping vocals and harmonies. Never a dull moment during a show, with the audience screaming, dancing, and singing along. These guys are in a class all by themselves!